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Before you begin planting, there are certain crucial elements to consider, whether you are entirely redesigning your old landscape or simply making a few tweaks for personal tastes. While many people hurry to their local gardening supply store to look at the options, planning ahead of time might assist you in choosing plants for your happy gardens and a great landscaping project that will meet your needs and offer a calming outdoor space in your landscape.

It’s easy to be enticed into purchasing your plant choices and other gardening tools. Things will  look lovely in the store, only to be discovered later to be unsuitable for your lawn setting. These guidelines will help you create a gardening strategy and get started on the way to a beautiful, cohesive, and healthy landscape in Oakland right now.

Tips in Planning your Landscape Design

Consider Your Motif

A theme might assist you in bringing your landscape together with complementary designs that deliver color for your gardening job patios while also guiding your plant, such as shrubs and material choices for your lawns. The use of the same shapes or forms across your project might serve as theme grounds as sophisticated happy gardens designing a relaxing property.

When choosing a theme, starting with your home’s architecture is a great place to start—suited for your landscaping services. You can search for gardeners near me site to look for gardening services but you don’t have to as we will ensure you have the right professionals for your garden landscaping project. 

In your garden, try to match the lines and style of your home’s water features, shade profile, and other architecture; but try not to worry too much there as gardeners near me sites like us offer you the best gardeners, landscape designer, maintenance services that will be working to achieve a beautiful garden landscape in Oakland.

Space Ideas

Consider your lawn as another room, or room, in your home to get the most out of it. Your landscape design should have well-defined and well-planned spaces; using your materials effectively helps you to create different “rooms” in your landscape design while it varies based with varying professionals of gardeners near me business in Oakland, we always ensure in Clean Edge Lawns, an expert gardener in landscaping to materialize your lawn project.

Don’t forget to think about how you’ll connect your spaces. How will guests get from one area of your yard to another? Create openings in your yard to encourage discovery and keep people moving about, or gardeners near me will look into it.

Consider your yard as an additional room or room in your home to get the most out of it. Like your home, your landscape should have well-defined and well-planned spaces; You can create different “rooms” in your landscape by effectively utilizing your resources.

Make Your Plants Work for You

Don’t forget to think about how you’ll connect your spaces. How will guests get from one area of your yard to another? Create openings in your yard to encourage discovery and keep people moving about.

Know Your Yard

Consider the temperature in your area, the geography of your property, and the soil type while creating your landscape. Keep in mind that the qualities of your yard, such as the amount and duration of light and shade exposure, will be taken into consideration by gardeners near me.

Full sun, moderate shade, shade, and deep shade are the four typical microclimate classifications. Consider the microclimate when selecting plants for your landscaping. When planning, keep in mind your location’s terrain and how water drains in your area. Consider who will be using your yard and how they will use it; will youngsters be using it? Are there any pets in your house? Do you intend to entertain guests in your backyard? Remember that by using intelligent plantings and hardscapes, you can create discrete places in your landscape for diverse needs. Using creative plantings and hardscapes, you may create discrete places for diverse uses in your landscape. People can use walkways to go from one location to the next.

Who will be using your yard?

As you use and maintain your yard, think about your maintenance style and budget (or employing someone to do so). Try to be as realistic as possible. How long do you plan to devote to your landscaping project? If you don’t have the time, gardeners near me will assist you into it.  

Make a plan for your plantings.

Consider your multiple visual planes when selecting plants. Starting with the space above you, which may include archways and trees. Consider how plants will be spaced close together or far apart in the vertical plane, how they will be layered or staggered (bigger plants are often utilized behind smaller plants), and as well as your plants’ individual and massed heights and widths.

In gardeners near me like Clean Edge Lawns, we understand that repeating similar shapes and structures will create a united look throughout your space.

Detail Matters

Plants, hardscapes, and garden ornaments all have distinct visual characteristics, ranging from different forms and shapes to a variety of colors and textures. You may build a unified and captivating landscape by considering how these visual features can complement and contrast one another.

Consider the smells of the plants you select for your landscape, as well as the images you use to enhance the experience you provide visitors to your garden. Consider when flowers will bloom and become fragrant, as well as which scents will combine well with the surrounding environment. Gardeners near me will offer you the best for a comely in the landscape.


Landscaping Services

Commercial vs. Residential Landscaping Services

This means that landscapers can handle both a typical suburban home and a huge business complex, such as a store. Some businesses will concentrate on one of these areas, while many specialists will provide both services. Whether you own the biggest company in town or the tiniest house on the block, Clean Edge Lawns pros will gladly take care of your landscape maintenance.

Landscape Maintenance

This is the service that most people think of when they think about the landscaping company. Because grass, trees, and other plants continue to grow each day, even yards that have already been designed and planted require maintenance. Landscapers or gardeners near me provide lawn management services such as mowing, tree and brush trimming, weed-whacking, leaf blowing, and more to keep grounds looking well-kept. All of the initial labor on a lawn would be lost if it weren’t for this care.

Landscape Installation

If you have a plan for your lawn or garden but don’t know how to make it a reality, a professional landscaper is precisely what you need. These experts will meet with you to create the yard of your dreams. Landscapers have the equipment and knowledge to make anything you want, whether it’s a bubbling boulder, a fake waterfall, a Zen garden, or anything else. We’ll help you with the process to ensure that your vision is realized.


One of the best lawn maintenance tactics to invest in is a sprinkler system. While the rainier months may supply enough moisture to keep your grass thick and green, the drier months are the ones that can truly harm your lawn. A landscaping expert can install a commercial-grade sprinkler system in your home or store’s grass to keep everything adequately watered.


There are a variety of situations when sod is required. Your yard may need new grass if you’ve recently moved into a new home, rebuilt your store’s front lawn, or sustained substantial storm damage. Rather than planting seeds and waiting months for your lawn to recover its former glory, work with a skilled landscaper or gardeners near me who can assist with soil preparation and sod installation to return your property to its former glory much more quickly. Concrete is an essential component of any well-kept and attractive lawn. Driveways and walking walkways for private residences must be both durable and pleasant.

Why Should it Be Us?

Experience and Knowledge

Professional landscapers bring their vision to life by combining their passion and ingenuity. We will bring unrivaled experience and knowledge to your design, maximizing your space’s issues and potential areas.Hiring us, professional landscapers have the advantage of providing you with information and expertise on a wide range of topics, including plants, climate, design, maintenance, color schemes, and styles, saving you time and effort. A landscaping architect, for example, will know just where to plant trees to reduce your energy expenditures.

Professional Service

By employing a professional service, you can benefit from experience from beginning to end, lowering your risk of issues and disorders. The designer works with you throughout the construction process, allowing you to tweak details and make modifications as areas are completed. It ensures that the necessary standards are met and that you receive a service that is dependable and measurable. This is because you can watch the process unfold while simultaneously keeping track of your spending.

We Care

You always receive a neatly maintained lawn when you entrust the upkeep of your property and flower beds to specialists. Professional landscapers in CLean Edge Lawns have a leg up on the regular homeowner since they care for various grasses, flowers, and trees. They also have a keen sense of fashion for design and can select eye-catching flowers and bushes for your beds, giving you a stunning front yard and a backyard that transforms into a mini-paradise. They’ll also recycle old materials like landscaping bricks and trim to create a new design.


It might be exhausting to do your lawn maintenance. Furthermore, you run the danger of splurging on shrubs and plants that will either not return the following year or will not thrive in the soil around your home. You can be confident that a competent landscaper will stick to the budget you’ve set for their services. We can give you expert guidance on what flowers and plants to grow, as well as how to care for them as well as what sorts of pruning services are offered. After meeting with our experts, you’ll have a precise estimate of the recommended services and a thorough understanding of what may be accomplished within your financial constraints.


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